KOG | LGBT Tourism Marketing

KOG is an LGBT tourism marketing agency specialising in PR, consulting, and creative materials for travel destinations on a project-by-project basis.

KOG is a pioneering consultancy and creative agency dedicated to LGBTQ+ travel. We work with clients on a project-by-project basis to build bridges between the travel industry and queer community, developing the LGBTQ+ tourism sector through dazzling copy, ingenious PR, and savvy social media campaigns. 


Here's how we're different:

//   A fully integrated agency
As a fresh pair of eyes, KOG is here to help you identify the best LGBTQ+-focused strategy for your travel organisation. From there, we're on hand to assist with every stage of the branding and communications process. 

//   A distinctive social mission
We connect the LGBTQ+ community with tourism organisations to erode existing “us/them” perceptions. Through our creative work with clients, we help integrate the community into mainstream travel and travel marketing — partly by eliminating stigma, and partly by overcoming traditional stereotypes.

//   A pioneering approach to LGBTQ+ communications
After scoping the competition, we're confident that no one comes close to what we do. But we don’t simply align ourselves with progressive values — KOG actively advocates bringing communities together. As part of our unique process, we foster sustainable dialogues between local business leaders, potential visitors, and the wider LGBTQ+ community to create tourism that's good for all.

 KOG is proud to be a member of the IGLTA

 KOG is proud to be a member of the IGLTA